Sustainable Forestry

Sustainable forest management helps meet society’s need for wood products, while respecting the values people attach to forests and preserving forest health and diversity for the future. Modern forest practices help keep the environment in balance, taking into account water and soil quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and biodiversity, as well as community and recreational opportunities.

Healthy, sustainably managed forests provide clean air and water, a habitat for plants and wildlife, and employment opportunities for nearby communities. Sustainable forestry plays an integral role in the health of our planet.

Independent forest certification systems help give you confidence that the wood you use comes from sustainable, well-managed forests—so you can be sure that water, air, soil and wildlife habitat resources will be conserved, and sites will be replanted with native species.


American Tree Farm System

Canadian Standards Association

Forest Stewardship Council

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

Sustainable Forestry Initiative



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