How to Fall in Love With Your Home All Over Again

By Wood, Naturally and Lumens

Do you relish the thought of coming home to a cozy and relaxing space after a long day at work, or do you find your living space could use some TLC? If it’s the latter, we want to help you reignite the romance, and fall in love with your home with all over again!

After the initial honeymoon period wears off and you settle into your new home, we sometimes neglect the design of our space and forget to update it or keep it fresh. Whether you want to create a haven for you and your loved ones or a sanctuary for peaceful and relaxing alone time where you can unwind at the end of a long day, these tips will help you create the ideal space for you.

Get Zen

Give a space in your home an easy makeover using natural wood, which is proven to reduce stress and improve health. Don’t worry! There are some great projects that are a relatively small lift that can create a really big impact. Grab some supplies from your local lumberyard to create a wood wall for your bedroom or add elegant detail, like wood crown molding, to any room in your home. If you have wood floors under that carpet, consider ripping them up to let the beauty of natural wood brighten your home. Is the stain on your floors a little outdated or have they lost a little of their original luster? Give them new life with a good clean and a fresh stain.


Let There Be Light

During the day, let Mother Nature shine in and bathe your space in natural light. Keep comfort in mind with gentle lighting for the evening. Light a candle and cozy up. If it’s not practical, safe, or you just prefer an electric option, keep your lighting low to imitate the glow of candlelight. Fixtures with vintage style Edison bulbs put out little usable light but create a comforting warmth. Warm-white LED and incandescent lights can also create a soft look when installed with a dimmer. Mix it up with layering. The right balance of ambient, task, and accent lighting help you customize the space to your liking.


Remember, lighting is the jewelry of the room and can truly make a space. Generally speaking, however, the best-looking rooms still show a measure of restraint. Like a classic diamond solitaire or a pearl bracelet, lighting can at once be timeless and a statement maker. For more helpful tips about lighting in your home, visit our friends at Lumens.

KISS (Keep It Super Simple)

Less is truly more; remove distractions and make your space a clutter-free zone. Eliminate those things that don’t add to the room like extra pieces of furniture or accessories that don’t add to the overall mood you’re trying to achieve. If your home has beautiful, strong architectural details, such as wood crown molding or coffered ceilings, they will really shine with a minimalist space. Focus on design that lets your home’s character speak for itself.


Photo Courtesy of Emily Henderson Design

As you can see, it doesn’t take a huge makeover with tons of complicated or expensive steps to transform your living space into a place you want to spend time. Take things slowly, and don’t let the thought of change deter you from taking the first step towards reclaiming the home you love!